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Veterans Affairs

pension for life

We are committed to supporting Canada’s Veterans, especially those who are ill and injured.

It is our responsibility to provide financial security for those who need it; that is why we are carrying through on our commitment for a Pension for Life.

This monthly payment will mean better support for ill and injured Veterans.

Our Pension for Life plan includes:

  • Tax-free financial compensation, with the choice of monthly payments for life, to recognize pain and suffering caused by a service-related disability.

    This will provide a maximum monthly amount of $2650 for those most severely disabled;

  • Income replacement for Veterans who are experiencing barriers returning to work after military service at 90% of their pre-release salary.

    In some circumstances Veterans may be eligible for an additional 1% career progression factor each year; and

  • Services and benefits to help Veterans in a wide-range of areas, including education, employment, and physical and mental health.

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We are delivering on what we committed to do — better support for our Veterans and their families.