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  • Recognizing the different needs of different regions, the NHS commits to provide enhanced support to Provinces and Territories to help address this.

  • The NHS will achieve progress through partnerships. The NHS’ flexible funding to provinces and territories through bilateral agreements will support regional needs and priorities related to social and affordable housing repair, construction and rental assistance.

  • Following the Government’s Budget 2016 commitment to increase federal investments in provincial and territorial housing programs to $4.4-billion in 2016 and 2017, the National Housing Strategy will deliver an additional $16.1-billion in federal housing investment to provinces and territories. As a result, over a 12 year period, the federal investment in provincial and territorial housing programs will reach approximately $20.5-billion.

  • The NHS also puts a focus on Northern Housing, given the higher costs associated with housing in the North leave many families in core housing need. The federal government will provide $300-million over 10 years of stable and predictable funding to help approximately 3,000
    northern families
    find adequate, suitable and affordable housing.

  • This funding is in addition to the federal government’s investment in the Territories through Social Housing Agreements, the Canada Community Housing Program, the Canada Housing Benefit, and funding to the provinces and territories.