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National Housing Co-Investment Fund

  • The $15.9-billion National Housing Co-Investment Fund, consisting of $4.7-billion in grants and $11.2-billion in low interest loans, will ensure that existing rental housing is not lost to
    and will develop new, high-performing affordable housing that is located close to necessary supports and amenities, from public transit and jobs to daycares, schools and healthcare.

  • The Co-Investment Fund is expected to create up to 60,000 new homes and repair up to 240,000 units of existing affordable and community housing.

  • The Fund will also support more shelter spaces for survivors of violence, transitional and supportive housing, and explore ways to make homeownership more affordable.

  • The Fund will improve accessibility for people with disabilities, increase affordability and contribute to energy efficiency by prioritizing projects that exceed mandatory requirements.

  • The Fund will integrate$2.5-billion Rental Construction Financing Initiative and the $208.3-million Affordable Rental Housing Innovation Fund.

  • National Housing Co-Investment Fund contributions and loans will also be combined with the transfer of up to $200-million-worth of federal land to social and affordable housing providers to encourage the development of sustainable, accessible, mixed-income, mixed-use developments and communities.

  • To ensure these investments go further, the NHS will prioritize partnerships that attract additional funding from other levels of government, not-for-profit and co-operative housing providers, and the private sector. By maximizing public investment through these
    partnerships, the Strategy will play a significant role in improving the economic future of

  • The National Housing Co-Investment Fund, for example, will attract partnerships and investments from the private-sector, and others, to build new and preserve the existing
    affordable housing supply and develop solutions to persistent challenges across the housing