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Community Housing

  • We are committed to ensuring that Canada’s existing social housing stock remains affordable and in good repair well into the future.

  • Community housing is housing that is guided by common principles to ensure support for a modern, efficient and effective system that encourages social inclusion and is economically and socially sustainable.

  • The new Canada Community Housing Initiative will provide $4.3-billion ($8.6 billion with expected provincial/territorial cost matching) to Provinces and Territories to support their efforts to protect and build a sustainable community-based housing system. It is expected to maintain affordability for some 330,000 households of social housing nationally.

  • Community housing is any housing that is owned and operated by not-for-profits and cooperative housing organizations. The intent is that any new housing built in the future by
    these groups will be a new generation of housing, and thereafter be referred to as community

  • The NHS will also invest $500-million over 10 years for a new Federal Community Housing Initiative. Starting April 1, 2020, federally-administered community housing providers with expiring operating agreements (April 1, 2016-March 31, 2027) will be eligible for a new rental assistance program, to protect tenants and stabilize the operations of some 55,000 units of federally administered social housing projects.

  • New operating agreements will be put in place as old ones expire, to ensure social housing providers will continue to receive funding to subsidize rents for tenants in need.

  • A Technical Resource Centre will also support housing providers through the transition.