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Canada Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit
  • All Canadians have a right to an affordable home where they can feel safe and warm.

  • We’re working hard so that families don’t have to decide between making rent and putting their kid in hockey or saving for their future education.

  • A key part of the National Housing Strategy is the Canada Housing Benefit. Our government will work with provinces and territories to develop a $4 billion Canada Housing Benefit to be launched in 2020 to respond to local housing needs and priorities.

  • It will help to significantly reduce or eliminate housing affordability challenges for more than 300,000 vulnerable households, and provide an average of $2,500 per year to each recipient household. This is money that will go directly to families to help offset the costs of rent.

  • Housing isn’t just about putting a roof over your head; it’s about lifting Canadians out of poverty, building healthy neighbourhoods, and giving every person equal opportunity to grow.

The Canada Housing Benefit is a “game-changer,” says the National Housing Collaborative.

Housing organizations like the National Housing Collaborative have been calling for this kind of housing support for the past decade. “If we are going to make progress against core housing needs and if we are going to reduce poverty in Canada, a new housing benefit is essential to that task.” (Pedro Barata, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Public Affairs, United Way Toronto & York Region, Co-Chair National Housing Collaborative)