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Meetings and Events

Please join the Liberals at Large meetup to keep track of when and where Executive Committee meetings, and other meetings and events will take place, as well as our Facebook page.

We also post events, particularly ticketed events, on the Liberal Events page.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee meetings are held roughly monthly throughout the year, and are (generally) open to all Registered Liberals and guests, however only voting-members of the committee may vote.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is where we elect members to the Executive Committee. The new LPC constitution provides a process for nominations to these roles. If you’re interested in standing for office on this committee, please contact our AGM Nominations Chair. You can also file an Intention to Stand, here with the party.

The next AGM will take place in March, 2018, please check back at the noted Events page, or join the Meetup for the particulars.

Other Meetings and Events

We also have door-knocking and phone-calling events, discussions, and social gatherings, as well as various committee meetings throughout the year.

Please keep an eye on the Meetup, Facebook, and Local Events as noted for the wheres and the whens of these opportunities to be involved.