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Calls with NO Fundraising Ask

Live calls without a fundraising ask do not require you to be registered with the CRTC. Please follow the best practices laid out in the Calling For Change information sheet.

Remember that if you make a fundraising ask of any sort of — even if it is not the primary purpose of your call — you must follow the rules for calls with a fundraising ask.

Calls WITH a Fundraising Ask

  • Calling can take place only between:
    1. 9 AM to 9:30 PM weekdays
    2. 10 AM to 6 PM weekends
    3. Times are local to the person receiving the call
  • At the start of the call, callers must:
    1. Identify themselves
    2. Tell voter on whose behalf they are calling (e.g. EDA or Candidate)
    3. Indicate the call’s purpose
  • Other Requirements:
    1. Local or toll-free phone number must be provided on request
    2. That number, when called, must give access to someone who can respond to questions/comments
    3. E-mail or postal address for the campaign must also be provided on request
    4. Ensure that the phone numbers and addresses are valid for 60 days after the calls are made
  • Do not make calls to emergency lines or healthcare facilities
  • Do not dial sequentially (555-1234, 555-1235, 555-1236 etc.)
  • Click here for more information

Do Not Calls

  • Do not call anyone marked as Do Not Call in Liberalist
  • Record Do Not Call upon request