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Bylaw 2, Commission Representatives

In accordance with Section 16 of the LPCBC Constitution the Coquitlam – Port Coquitlam Federal Liberal Association enacts the following, which shall be known as Bylaw-2:

  1. In accordance with subsection 10(1)(k) of the LPCBC Constitution, the various Commissions may each appoint a Representative to the EDA Executive; such representatives shall be styled Commission Chairs.
  2. A person shall be recognized as a Commission Chair in respect of a given Commission upon receipt by the EDA President of notification in writing by said Commission of such appointment, and said Commission Chair shall hold office as a voting member of the EDA Executive until:

    1. said person ceases to be a member of the Liberal Party of Canada in good standing;
    2. said person is not eligible to be a member of said Commission;
    3. a new representative shall be appointed by said Commission;
    4. said Commission Chair resigns from said office; or
    5. in the event of the absence of a given Commission Chair from at least three consecutive duly called executive meetings occurring over an interval of at least three months elapsed time:

      1. the EDA Executive shall be eligible to withdraw recognition of said Commission Chair, except that in the event that recognition is not in fact withdrawn, said eligibility for withdrawal of recognition shall terminate upon subsequent attendance of said Commission Chair at any subsequent duly called executive meeting; and
      2. the EDA Executive, upon their own discretion at any duly called meeting occurring during said eligibility for removal of said Commission Chair, may, upon a majority vote to that specific effect, withdraw recognition of said Commission Chair, in which case said office shall be considered vacant.
  3. Commission Chairs present at any given EDA Executive meeting shall be counted in determining whether a quorum is present for said meeting, and excepting any Commission Chair who is eligible for withdrawal of recognition pursuant to 2(e)i, above, the number of Commission Chairs holding office shall be counted in determining quorum requirements.

Adopted by the membership in Special General Meeting 2015-03-12